Support MinHua Chorus

Support MinHua Chorus

Minhua Chorus is an IRS approved, Minnesota registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our financial resources rely on government grants, and generous contributions from local businesses and individuals. Over the years, we have received grants from the Minnesota State Arst Board, Metropolitan Arts Council and University of Minnesota. While we continue to aggressively seek support from the state government agencies and foundations, we also ask for your support.

You can support Minhua Chorus by becoming a member and/or making a donation to Minhua Chorus. Annual membership dues are $100 per year per member. Donations to Minhua Chorus are tax-deductible. Here is one of the easy ways you can help our organization:

If you donate through United Way campaign, you may designate your donation to Minhua Chorus. On the United Way pledge form, check the box for OPTIONAL pledge and write in the amount. Under OTHER write:

Minhua Chorus

501(c)3 Non-Profit, Tax ID 41-1763739

Forms may vary, but you should be able to find rooms to provide above information. If you prefer, you may send your checks, payable to Minhua Chorus, to the above address. We will send you a letter of compliments and proof of your donation, which you may use for your tax return.

2014 Production Show Sponsors

Organization Sponsors


chf_2014_logoThe Chinese Heritage Foundation was established, in 2004, by members of the Chinese community of the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area of Minnesota, in cooperation with The Minneapolis Foundation, to preserve and promote, through grant making, the understanding of Chinese history, culture, and heritage among all Minnesotans. The inaugural fund, the Chinese Heritage Foundation Fund, is an endowed fund, with grants of income restricted to the Foundation’s funding priorities.

Recognizing that the charitable interests of Chinese families are broad and diverse, individual Donor Advised Funds have been incorporated as part of the Chinese Heritage Foundation.

ci_2014_logoThe Confucius Institute at the University of Minnesota (CIUMN) was created in 2008 to promote the study of Chinese language and culture throughout Minnesota. It is a collaborative initiative between the University of Minnesota, the Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters, and Capital Normal University in Beijing. CIUMN offers Chinese language courses and trainings for Minnesota communities, professional development for Chinese language teachers, and cultural exchanges at all levels. It engages both campus and community partners. It engages both campus and community partners. CIUMN is one of more than 400 Confucius Institutes worldwide. Confucius Institutes are named for the Chinese philosopher known for encouraging deep independent thought and the study of the outside world. CIUMN is a unit of the University�s Global Programs and Strategy Alliance.

Local Business and Chinese Community Sponsors

Shaw-Lundquist Assoc. Inc
Chinese American Association Minnesota (CAAM)
Teppanyaki Grill & Supreme Buffet
Little Sichuan Restaurant
Shanghai Wholesale
TC Discount Granite
Tea House Restaurant
Minnesota Times
Grand Sichuan Restaurant
China Tribune
Legacy Adult Daycare Center

Individual Contribution


Non-Minhua Chorus Members

Anonymous (3M)
Jay Lou/Wendy Lou
Xin Wang/Julie Wang
Jingjing Ma
Xiaoming Dong/Changjiang Zheng Norris Sun
Gang Guo
Flora Yang/James Feng
Jie Yang
Haiyan Zhang
Ming Li/Wei Shen
Yang Geng
Jianling Yuan/Tianjun Li
John Chen/Jean Yao
Susan-Qiuju Xu-Tysk
Mark Zhang
Xiangsheng Yin
Brent Qian
Zhiyi sha/Lei Liu
Hongying Jiang
Betty Chan
Yi He

Minhua Chorus Members

Zhiqun Zhang/Boling Zheng
Julie Zhu/Yannong Xu
Zhining Chin/Oliver Tao
Sophie Liu/Hans Othmer
Ying Li/Ji Jun He
Leah Cai/Joe Liu
Danli Wang/Hong Shi Li
Zhen Zou/Ling Wang
Sharon Kwan/Dominic Kwan
Wang Jingchun/Zhang Liming
Ping Lang
Hong Ren
Nancy Tang
Lisa Li
Zongzhao Li/Shu Lin
Bingwen Yan/Lihua He
Liang Sheng Cheng
Peng Zhang/Mary Wei
HanDong Tu